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Each of us is unique on this earth.

Since 2006 we are supplying Norwegian market with work force from European countries. The journey of working with people made us very different from those who we were in the beginning. We have learned to work with people with respect and by serving principles.

At this year (2019) we became a partner with Russian company called C+C (Competences plus Capacity). This company was founded by one of our owners and specializes in providing developers from Russia to European IT sector. Now by this cooperation with C+C, we are able to offer candidates, according Clients requirements, within period of 2 weeks.

Our story

Since 2006 we are supplying Norwegian market with work force from European countries. Our unique combination of in-depth industry knowledge, operational efficiencies and market expertise allow us to accelerate innovation without compromising on quality.

We are a group of like-minded recruitment/IT professionals who are passionate about work. We are the go-getters who do not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach. We have the burning urge to create and explore new possibilities, even if it means going beyond conventional paradigms as well as thinking to meet your requirements.

 We want to empower people to be the best they can be and improve the futures of both our candidates and our clients…

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We are focusing on middle and senior level developers

If you need developers at home, we are offering to start working remotely. When you will see that the programmer is valuable for you, we will organize migration documents for him to work in your office.

Distance Work

According to your requirements, we can organize distance work for a developer or for a team in our Russian office (based in Izhevsk city) for your projects. 

We are following concept of establishing back office for our Clients in Russia. We can even separate your team from other programmers in separate office if it is valuable for you.

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I’m passioned by my understanding the nuances of business development. I consider my self as a forever student. Always trying to step in my clients shoes to get their point of view – that’s how I roll. 

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