Why Hire Russian Software Developers?

You’ve probably heard one or two facts about Russian developers. Maybe you even wondered why they are so good at engineering and innovating? Well, one of the reasons is because the subject of mathematics is highly emphasized from an early age. There are a dozen other reasons why Russian developers are performing so well. We collected some data and present it to you!

Russian developers are among the best software specialists in the whole world. A few examples:

  •          Sergey Brin – inventor of the Google web search engine
  •          Yevgeny Kaspersky – developer of Kaspersky anti-virus system
  •           Eugene Roshal – developer of RAR file format, WinRAR file archiver
  •           Alexey Pajitnov – inventor of Tetris

And many more!              

Russian Software Developers Dominate in International Programming Contests

In computer science universities there are special departments, which specialize only in solving difficult Olympiad problems. Only 1 in 1000 is accepted to join such university departments. 

No wonder they dominate all international competitions such as Google Code Jam or Facebook Hacker Cup.

“If you want to solve a programming problem, pass it to American programmers. If you want to solve a hard programming problem, pass it to Chinese programmers. If you want to solve an impossible programming problem, pass it to Russian programmers!


Russian Software Developers Have the Best Value/Price Ratio

What Can You Expect from Russian Software Developers?

  • Strong educational background.
  • Very strong development skills
  • Good English language skills
  • High security standards
  • Relatively low price

Hire a Russian Software Developer

Why Hire Russian Software Developers

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