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Our professional developers are ready to deep dive in your project and offer the best solutions.



Our team can offer wide range of expertise in web based, data warehouse, integrated or data exchange solutions. Our flexibility gives us advantage in projects of any scale. From a simple apps to a complex business process automation.


We understand that every single individual that works with us is unique and we praise that. And we are always giving our specialists a passĀ to work with the most modern technologies for construction of server and client side applications.


As an outsourcing agency we will take all the hard work off your shoulders and will take responsibility for wages, bonuses, equipment granted to a worker, so you can focus on your goals.


We can assemble a team of software developers for you based on your requirements. As your partner we will take the project workflow and manage it from A to Z.

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Our tools

In the process of software development team experts are working with the following main software products:
JBoss / Apache Tomcat / Jetty / WildFly / GlassFish / MySQL / Derby / WSO2 BPS / Oracle / IBM WebSphere / Java / C ++/ Objective C / Java Script

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